South West Mosaic Artists

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I am a self taught mosaic artist, living in Liskeard, Cornwall. I have always been a keen artist, but my love for mosaics was reignited during lockdown 2020. Early in 2022 I launched a small business MonChic Mosaics, offering small gift items such as trays and coasters, statement one off pieces and bespoke commissions. I work around my family commitments which often means early mornings and late nights, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love what I do.
I work mainly with ceramic, glass, slate, and broken pottery. I have a real love for colour and texture, and often experiment with mixed media pieces. Each mosaic takes you on its own truly unique journey which makes it so rewarding to watch it grow piece by piece.I learn something new with every mosaic I create, which in turn fuels the creativity for the next. I love nothing more than experimenting with materials, lines, shapes, and textures, taking inspiration from the gorgeous landscapes we have here in Cornwall, my children, the art world and indeed my own imagination.
Commission pieces and gift items are designed, planned and then made accurately to the customers requirements. With my statement mosaics, I enjoy taking a more relaxed “go-with-the-flow” approach, and often start with one idea which transforms to another as the piece progresses. It is this dynamic and fluid process that results in my most unique pieces being created.I love the freedom that making mosaics gives me to express myself, whilst creating a truly one off piece of artwork in the process.
In a world full of throw away items and single use plastics, with many materials destined for landfill, mosaics are a fantastic way to upcycle, giving items with a history, a new future.