South West Mosaic Artists

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I am a mosaic artist making bold and dynamic glass and ceramic mosaic works of art. I started my practice in 1994 making mosaic murals and garden mosaics for schools, whilstdeveloping personal work for exhibitions and commissions with a wide range of sizes from small pieces of jewellery to large outdoor sculptures.

Inspired by nature, religion and myth my works are both narrative and decorative.

Throughout the years I have used various techniques to make my work, techniques such as using the edge of strips of stained glass and setting them indirectly in order to show the streaks found in the glass, and using the grout as a design element, as if I am ‘drawing in grout’.

I use a mixture of mosaic materials such as glass tile, millefiori and hand gilded glass and acrylic. I use various kinds of metal leaf to gild glass, silver, gold and imitation gold. For outdoor pieces the metal leaf under the glass will tarnish and form a patina which changes colour over time, I find a fascination in the relationship between the permanenceof the structure and the transient and evolving colours of the mosaic skin.

More recently I have been making mosaic wall sculptures, exploring form through various sculptural techniques using wire, cement board, plaster and polystyrene and decorating with a mosaic skin. Most of the works are birds or moths in flight. In the last few years much of my work for exhibitions has led me to study ethical and religious themes whilst finding connections with technology, capitalism and our agnosticworld.

I will be running courses from my studio in Liverton near Bovey Tracey in Devon once pandemic restrictions are lifted.

Kate offers a range of online courses here.

I have exhibited widely in the UK and overseas. My mosaics can be found in private and public collections worldwide.

I am a professional member of the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen.