South West Mosaic Artists

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I'm based in Bristol but also spend a lot of my time in Dartmouth. I'm a radiographer working in a major trauma centre but my mosaic journey actually began at CockingtonCourt. I met Janet Ventre just a couple of weeks after she had opened her shop at Cockington. I was going to treat myself to a commission piece from Janet. However, she suggested I could spend the day with her at Cockington and learn about possibly creating my own mosaic art. Six hours with the fabulously talented, experienced and very lovely Janet and I was hooked!

That was in 2017 and since then I haven't been able to stop. I use mostly glass in my work although more recently I have been producing jewellery and intricately detailed heart art using beads. One day I hope to be able to refer to myself as a mosaic artist and part-time radiographer, rather than a radiographer with an interest in mosaic art.