South West Mosaic Artists

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I am a maker of wildlife mosaics, focusing on critically endangered species to raise awareness and provide a small platform in the art world. Since 1998 I have loved experimenting with mosaics involving furniture, portraits, landscapes and pattern making but for the last 10 years the challenge of portraying animals in their struggle to survive has become a priority. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 abelmosaics was shortlisted in the global art initiative run by conservation charity Explorers Against Extinction and selected as Runner Up for The Artist Award in 2020. I have exhibited in London’s Oxo Gallery and Royal Geographical Society as well as regular exhibitions around the UK with sales to renowned Explorers and Mountaineers. Each mosaic generates a 10% donation to wildlife charities.

Working on mesh/board in the “Direct” method, materials such as ceramic, marble, glass, slate and smalti are used to fashion fur and feathers in intricate patterns, while eyes, beaks and claws are created using the glass fusion process. Technique is influenced by the Roman Opus mosaic art form with a modern twist. Weekly mosaic workshops take place in my studio on the Wiltshire/Somerset borders. Memberships include the British Association of Modern Mosaics (BAMM), Heritage Crafts Association (HCA), The Wildlife Art Society International (TWASI) and Wiltshire Wildlife Trust (WWT).