South West Mosaic Artists

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I am a Maker of Wildlife Mosaics, largely self taught and have been mosaicing for over 25 years. I focus on critically endangered species, raising awareness through international competitions and those closer to home as well as exhibitions and environmental charities. For the last five years abelmosaics has been shortlisted in the Explorers Against Extinction global Art initiative (over 6000 entries) and was selected as Runner Up for The Artist Award in 2020. My work is in print and I have exhibited at the Royal Geographical Society and Natural History Museum in London as well as venues around the UK. Commissions have gone to various corners of the world including USA, Singapore and India, mostly to conservationists and those keen to support critically endangered wildlife; I donate 10% of each sale to wildlife charities.

My mosaics are worked directly onto mesh or board using ceramic, glass, marble, slate and granite. Eyes and beaks are handmade in fused glass to add personality. Each tuft of fur or ruffled feather is cut with precision in order to show the animal in its best light.

Workshops with abelmosaics take place at weekends in my Somerset studio, near Wells. Students mosaic a 20cm board with tuition provided at each stage from “design” to “grout”. We have a lot of fun, its addictive! Please contact me for class dates.