South West Mosaic Artists

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David works from his studio on the picturesque Isle of Portland in Dorset. His studio can be found in the tranquil gardens of his home and sits alongside in harmony with his other businesses, which consist of a vibrant art café and eco holiday accommodation. Over the years since moving to Portland and first establishing the art café he has always found time in his studio to pursue his passion for art.

His artwork has changed dramatically over the years since achieving an HND in sculpture and design. Early work saw him producing unique hand finished sculpture in a variety of materials which encompassed themes such as growth, vitality and nature using carving, modelling and casting techniques whilst exploring a diverse variety of materials.

Time spent living in Spain and a vibrant trip to Barcelona before setting up his art café has had a major influence in his current style of work and a new direction in his artistic language. A move away from direct carving and sculpting in three-dimensional form, saw him start to explore the idea of sculpting textured relief's in clay and integrating found objects and then producing resin or plaster casts. This has since seen a shift to using predominantly mosaic and found objects directly in his work.

The idea of repurposing things that would be thrown away and end in landfill is very appealing and he enjoys the freedom of expression that the technique of mosaic allows and the fact he is able to introduce vibrant colour and reflective qualities into 3D work. David has work in public and numerous private collections and his aim and desire is to produce work that is tactile, visual and stimulating to the human senses.

Most recently David has expanded his creativity and has turned his hand to writing. He has had several poems in two poetry anthologies and he is currently working on a contemporary fantasy novel based around the legends of King Arthur. He has also started to combine the concept of art and poetry and has written several poems inspired by his artwork and vice versa. This is something he will continue to explore alongside his mosaic work and also his writing.