South West Mosaic Artists

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I have been a mosaic artist for over 17 years and love working with glass. I am inspired by the sea and nature and my mosaics are mostly marine and nature based. Some of my latest pieces are storm and climate orientated and I work freely letting the cut glass pieces decide how my work evolves, and how the final piece will turn out. I use stained glass and mirror glass, and incorporate glass beads and millefiori to add texture. The reflective quality of the glass makes each mosaic come to life and gives it an organic feel.

What I love about being a mosaic artist is the inspiration and freedom that such a tactile medium gives me The whole process - starting with choosing the materials and colours -and then planning the finished piece is always exciting and so self absorbing . You are on a journey with your medium . I let shape and colour be my guide rather than rigid drawing and often running out of one colour leads me onto a different path. Light reflecting onto the glass in my mosaics means the picture is ever changing- so a living piece my mosaics can be seen in different venues in the South West and have had several solo exhibitions in A La Ronde at Exmouth and been part of an art exhibition in RAMM Exeter. I have sold mosaic plaques in galleries and art cafes in the South West and I am always happy when a mosaic finds a new home. I am very pleased to be part of the South West Mosaic Artists group where there is such a diverse variety of styles, subjects and mediums.