South West Mosaic Artists

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My endeavour into the world of mosaics began 25 years ago. I broke a mirror and decided to create a mosaic rather than throw it away. It sparked an interest in the possibilities this medium could offer and I completed many personal projects around the home. I sourced free and discarded materials, I very much see value in recycling and reusing items destined for landfill or in ways that differ from their intended purpose.

My life took me in a different direction professionally. I joined the police in 2005 but never lost the desire to create. Art would take up my free time and eventually the desire to do this full time increased. In 2016 I left behind my career to pursue my dream.

Since then I have sold hundreds of pieces to collectors of my artwork worldwide, completed work for exhibitions and worked with schools and a college to create public installations. I’ve taken part in fundraising events creating mosaics that have been auctioned for charity, the largest to date being an 8ft tall 3D giraffe sculpture by Wild in Art that was auctioned raising £15k for St Richards Hospice.

I use many methods in my work; I hand cut glass, tile and pottery. I also use a ringsaw, dremel or hammer and hardiedepending on the style of cuts needed. All my bases are hand cut using a jigsaw or a scrollsaw. I love 3D mosaics and have recently started making my own substrates using pal tiyapremium as well as using mannequins and other sculptures to apply mosaic to.

Every mosaic artist has their own unique ‘signature’, the way they make their cuts makes their pieces identifiable to them. I am mindful of the cuts in the tesserae and how the grout lines form part of the overall design. Carefully considered grout choice is a huge part of the planning process for me. My style is quite varied from super controlled cuts, measured and visually symmetrical to the more loose and free whimsical pieces. It totally depends on mood and what I’m trying to achieve. I set tile next to stone, glass next to pottery and incorporate unique eclectic pieces from my vast collection to create unique pieces that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

From idea to completion, I am often led by the beautiful patterns in the collection of plates, cups and pottery that surround me. I am self-taught and have learnt through many years’ worth of trial, error, numerous failures and many hours of research. There is always more to learn. The possibilities are endless and I’m enjoying the process, one tiny tile at a time in a garage at the end of my garden!