Fourteen mosaic artists will be making miniature mosaic artworks to be shown as one installation during the Picking up the Pieces 2021 exhibition that will be held in the Sou Sou West Gallery at Symondsbury, Dorset during April/May.

Each artist will be creating their own composition within a common hexagon substrate. These small artworks ,  each one 6cm across in size, will be brought together at the start of the exhibition to create one integrated installation.

Alison Hepburn has completed the first four hexagons of the project.

All the artists have to use a common substrate, a black hexagon, for the mosaics although each artist is free to compose the small artworks using a range of materials.

Janet Ventre has included stone with glass in her submissions, shown below.

Manya McMahon has worked with a specific colour palette to create structured and balanced compostions, shown below.

David Nicholls has incorporated metal  to his composition as a key element in his mosaic artwork, shown below.

No-one will know how the completed collaboration will look like until all the individual mosaics arrive at the gallery for the installation. 
Artists are working in isolation on a common project. Some have not used these materials before so they have the added challenge of experimenting in expressing their creativity in a new way whilst sharing at a distance the sense of working together.